About Us

Taking Customization to the Next Level

For over 20 years, Southern Customs has been offering services in the residential and commercial fields. These include 

  • Solar control window treatments

  • Complete custom audio and video systems

  • Specialized lighting

  • All types of storefront designs

We continue to expand our knowledge and thrive for excellence in everything we do, and we love a challenge. So let us know your ideas are, and with our “Endless Creativity,” we can help you go beyond.

Company History

Southern Customs was established in 1994 primarily as a window tinting business. We started offering the North Georgia area the quality, precision, and professional services that helped us build today's reputation.

We started our first full-service one-stop custom shop in Ellijay, Georgia, in 2001. We can offer a never-ending list of customizations to your

  • Car

  • Truck

  • Boat

  • Bike

  • Home

  • Office

We can transform your car from stock to whatever you may dream of in terms of functioning and style. Our customer base stretches from Tennessee to Florida & from South Carolina to Louisiana, serving the entire Southeast.

Hydrographics Rifle

Making a Mark in Hydrographics Industry

We have entered into the hydrographics industry or the Camo Dipping, custom paint, and airbrush work in the last few years.

Our dedicated and highly skilled professional team can create unique custom finishes only limited by imagination.