Welcome To Southern Customs

Welcome to Southern Customs the "Endless Creativity" custom shop! A truly unique one stop custom shop located in the beautiful north Georgia mountains. As a complete custom shop that has specialized in everything from full custom built show cars, to complete commercial audio and video systems. We are able to transform every aspect of your vehicle in one place. Being in such a wonderful community has allowed us to focus on growth and dedication to expand our knowledge throughout the years and with a dedicated and passionate crew, we strive to go beyond our customers expectations in car audio, video, lighting, security, professional custom graphic window tinting, 2 and 4 wheel drive suspensions - anything from air suspensions to coil overs! We cover a variety of performance work from superchargers to complete turbo systems and just about any bolt on performance enhancements in between...So whether your looking to go faster, perform better, or just want to increase fuel efficiency we can help you achieve it!

We also cover a multitude of services in Residential And Commercial work as well from solar control window treatments for over 18 yrs, complete custom audio and video systems, as well as specialized lighting, security surveillance systems, and all types of store front design graphics.

We continue to expand our knowledge and thrive for excellence in everything we do, and we love a challenge. So let us know what your ideas are and with our "Endless Creativity" we can help you go beyond...

Southern Comfort Camo