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Hydrographics Pricing and Information

Southern Customs Professional Certified Hydrographics Federal Firearm Licensed

Water Transfer Printing

Commonly referred to as camo dipping, hydro printing, or immersion printing. No matter what you call it, it’s an amazing  method of applying a uniquely printed design to flat and three dimensional objects… As it is unrestricted by curvature or shape!

The Process:

The process transfers a pattern to an object using water displacement.  Any submersible material with a hard, non-porous surface such as glass, wood, metal, fiberglass, ceramic, or any type of plastic can be printed. For the most part if it can be painted, it can be dipped! After the part is prepped and sanded, a base coat paint is applied and cured. The base coat corresponds with the pattern to be printed.  The color of the base coat controls the hue of the pattern.  Such as a brown for a wood grain print.  We can also control the contrast through the application of both the base coat and finish coat. The pattern you have chosen has been printed on a water soluble polyvinyl film.  This film is carefully laid on top of water that is contained in a special made tank for hydrographic printing. An activating solvent is then applied by spray to the films pattern.  As the film dissolves, it leaves the printed pattern floating evenly on top of the water.  The object being printed can now be dipped through the pattern.  The water being displaced by the object causes the pattern to wrap around and adheres the print to the object no matter how complex the shape.  Creating a continuous finish. The item is then rinsed to remove any residue, dried, and several clear coats are applied.  You may choose a flat to a glass like high gloss finish or our unique Soft Touch finish. These high quality urethane finishes meet the most demanding standards for hardness, UV resistance, chemical resistance and adhesion.  It is also easily maintained.


Southern Customs uses this new technology to offer customers many design options. Choose from stone, marble, metal, diamond plate, brushed aluminum and many illusion patterns. Choose an  HD quality camo for the hunter that wants to be concealed, no matter what terrain they are in. For the car and motorcycle enthusiast we offer the latest in flames, carbon fibers, burled and straight wood grains, skulls, zombies  and  many more truly unique designs to achieve that high end, one of a kind look for their ride.  For your home or business we also have many other custom patterns to create a design setting unlike anything  else or give old things a fresh new look!     Not all prints on website are always in stock, so please call us for print availability.


In addition to adding  style and value, it also adds to consumer appeal as well. Possibilities are endless with water transfer graphics. We are committed to our customers, and will provide the best quality workmanship and service available. Please check out  our patterns, and let us know any ideas you may want to have done. As always we thrive to continue our “Endless Creativity”


Southern Customs guarantees your part finish will be free of processing and material defects from workmanship as well as quality top coats. A defect is defined as failure due to our workmanship or materials. Damage caused from accidental damage, neglect, or normal wear and tear, is not considered a workmanship or material failure. These issues will not be covered under our guarantee.



Deluxe Shotgun Package (Stock, Barrel, & Receiver) $200-250.00

Complete Shotgun Package (Stock & Barrel only) $175.00

Complete Over & Under Shotgun (Stock & Barrels) $200-225.00

Shotgun Butt Stock only $75.00

Shotgun Forearm only $50
Shotgun Barrel only (Single) $80.00
Shotgun Over & Under Barrel only $95.00
Shotgun Barrel only (Vented) $90.00
Shotgun Receiver only $85.00
*NOTE: Deluxe Shotgun & Complete Shotgun Package pricing does not include floor plate, bolt, or trigger guard.
Deluxe Rifle Package  complete with Scope & Mounts $225-250
Complete Rifle Package (Stock & Barrel only) $185.00-225
Rifle Stock only $85-125
Thumbhole Rifle Stock (Full Length) $185
Thumbhole Rifle Stock (Butt Stock) $100-125
Rifle Barrel only $70-85.00
Rifle Receiver only $75
*NOTE: Deluxe Rifle & Complete Rifle Package pricing does not include floor plate, bolt, or trigger guard.
Complete AR-15  Style Rifle (Standard Parts) $300.00 & up
Two Piece Upper Receiver $150
Upper or Lower Receiver only $85-100
Pistol Grip only $25
Vertical Fore Grip only $30
Collapsible  Stock only $85
Standard Stock $100
Sliding Adjustable Stocks $125-175
Barrel only $75
Additional Items Not Mentioned Call For Pricing
Complete Revolver or Contender Style Pistol $160
Contender Style Parts (Barrel, Forearm, or Grip) $50
Revolver Cylinder $75
Revolver Frame only $100
Revolver Grips (Set of 2) $30
Complete  Semi-Auto Pistol Package (Slide & Grip/Lower) $125.00 & up
Semi-Auto Pistol Slide only $75.00-100
Semi-Auto Frame only $75 & up
Pistol Grip/Lower only (wood or plastic) $50.00
Polymer Handgun Holster (Exterior) $60
Deluxe Bow Package (Riser, Limbs, Quiver Top, & Stabilizer) $265.00
Complete Bow Package (Riser & Limbs only) $180.00
Bow Riser $85.00
Bow Limbs (up to 2 included) $85.00
Bow Cams (up to 2 included) $30.00
Bow Quiver (Top only) $25.00
Bow Stabilizer $25.00
Bow Disassembly $75.00
*NOTE: Complete Bow Package includes riser & one set of limbs only.
*NOTE: All bows must be disassembled. If bow is submitted for service assembled, the $65 Bow Disassembly charge will be applied to disassemble, and bow will not be reassembled.
*NOTE: Due to the contours of newer style bows, risers of these bows may have to be double-dipped in order to get a clean look. This may give the product a darker looking finish.
Firearm Scope (NO WARRANTY) $75.00 & up
Firearm Scope Rings $25.00
Firearm Scope Bases $25
Shotgun Choke Tubes (up to 3 included) $60.00
Shotgun Extension Tube $30.00
Pistol Case (price varies by size) $55.00 & up
Rifle/Shotgun Case (price varies by size) $95.00 & up
*NOTE: SOUTHERN CUSTOMS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY TYPE OF DAMAGE TO SCOPE THAT HYDROGRAPHIC DIPPING MAY CAUSE. Scopes are hydro-dipped at owner’s risk with no warranty. Process involves fully submerging product in water; therefore, no warranty is offered on scopes.
Whitetail Deer Skull $75.00-100
Small Game Skull (smaller than whitetail deer) $55.00
Large Game Skull (larger than whitetail deer) $75.00 & up
All pricing for top finishes only, $25 additional with complete bottom finish
Skull Cleaning $125.00
*NOTE: All skulls must be professionally cleaned and prepared by a taxidermist prior to hydro-dipping. If skull is submitted for service uncleaned/unprepared, the $125 Skull Cleaning charge will be applied to clean & prepare skull.
Automobile Wheel (price varies by size & finish) $120.00 ea. & up
Automobile Valve Cover (price varies by size) $70.00 ea. & up
Automobile Dash (price varies by size) $90.00 & up
Automobile Center-Console (price varies by size) $90.00 & up
Automobile Fender Flare (price varies by size) $75.00 ea. & up
Automobile Bumper (price varies by size) $295.00 & up
ATV Rim $65.00 ea.
Bug Shield $125.00
Helmets Price upon request
Complete Standard or Cruiser Style Motorcycle (Includes Tank, Front & Rear Fenders, Side Covers) $1000 & up
Tank Only $300-500
Inner Fairing $250-350
Outer Fairing $300-400
Front Fender $185 & up
Rear Fender Only $200 & up
Side Covers $50 ea.
Hard Case Saddle Bag Lids $100 ea.
Complete Hard Case Saddle Bags $350 ea.
Complete Sport Bike (All Plastic or Fiberglass Fairings & Tank / Price Varies Upon Size) $1500 & up
Motorcycle Wheels (price varies upon style & finish) $200 ea. & up
Dual Sport & Off Road Bikes (price varies upon size & parts) $600 & up
Complete ATV (price varies by size) $550 & up
Complete Golf Carts and Side by Sides (price varies by size) $650 & up
ATV Bumpers $100
ATV Handle Bars $60
Fuel Tank Price upon request
ATV ,Golf Cart, UTV Wheels (price varies upon size & design) $45 ea. & up
Golf Driver $55-75
Golf Driver with Shaft $100-125
Baseball Helmets $65-85
Football Hemets $65 & up
Please contact us for bulk rates on multiple items or team rates…
Fishing Pole (price varies by size) $75.00 & up
Complete Paintball Gun with Hopper & Tank (Proto Style or Similar)  $175.00
 Parts only (Stock, Barrel, Air Tank, or Hopper) $60
Face Mask (Vary by Style & Size) $50 & up
Wall Plate (outlet/duplex, switch/toggle, blank, etc.) $7.00 ea. (6 minimum)
Picture Frames (price varies by size) $15.00 & up
Ceiling Fan Blade (one side) $15.00 per side
Standard Mailbox $65.00
Lamp Price upon request
Cabinet Doors Price upon request
Crown Molding Price upon request
Base Boards Price upon request
Other Household Item Price upon request
(Ramblers, Tumblers, Colsters, Lowballs)
$30-50 ea.
$15 Additional for Monograms, most Logos, or Ceramic Clear Coat
Lids $125 & up
Complete Coolers $10 per quart
Please contact us for case pricing.
Welding Helmet $65& up
Hard Hat $45.00
Flashlight $35.00 & up
Knife Grip (price varies by size) $25.00 & up
Metal Wall Ornament (price varies by size) $30.00 & up
Gaming System (X-box, Playstation, etc.) $75.00 & up
Cellular Phone Plastic Case (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Palm) $35.00 & up
License Plate Frame $15.00
Wine Glasses (6-glass minimum) $10.00 ea.
Southern Customs has many projects to fit your budget…
We also offer Rush processing  fees for Certain items, if your on a limited time schedule.
Firearms that are not disassembled and/or cleaned of debris by customer prior to submission may incur additional fees for firearm disassembly and cleaning prior to the dipping process.
All firearms are epoxy primed and sealed with a chemical resistant UV stable clear coat to insure a lasting quality finish.

Please contact us for any additional items not listed for pricing…



Visit the Hydro Graphics Gallery to view several featured projects.